Several amazing or sometimes even scaring stories concerning the Niagara Falls are recorded. Only a few og them are to be mentioned here.

One of the most miraculous stories took place on July 9, 1960. Two children, Roger and Deanna Woodward, went to a boat trip with Jim Honeycut in a small 12 foot aluminium boat with a 7.5 horsepower motor. After the boat hit ground on the river it capsized and all three were thrown into the water. The father went over the Falls and was killed. His body was freed from the depth 4 days later.
The two children had to face a different fate. Seventeen year old Deanne floated towards the crestline of the American falls and got noticed by two courageous men who did not hesitate to react. Both climbed over the rails and just got Deannes hand as she was going to fall over the crestline. So she luckily was saved from death.
Her brother seven years odl went the other way to the 'Horseshoe Falls' and fell over the crestline. A incident which normally nobody would survive. Nevertheless he did and was rescued by one of the "Maid of the Mist" ships brining him back to land after the crew was able to pull him out of water.
Both were passed only slightly wounded to hospital. In 1994 both returned to Niagara Falls meeting again their life savers after 30 years.

Down the Canadian Falls
Down the Niagara Falls (own)

Other more weird incidents are known as actions of 'Dare Devils'. Several times these tried to go over the Falls in barrels or other watercrafts or to walk a tightrope over the Falls.
On Oct. 24, 1901 the first person who tried her fate was 63 year old Annie Taylor floating in barrel into the depth. She expected fame and wealth but died in poverty. Several others followed her on the barrel trip.
In 1928 Jean Lussier went the same way in a 6-foot rubber ball. George Stathakis took the dive over the Falls in 1930 but died apparently during his barrel was caught in the waters for 13 hours.
The last who did a stunt like that was Robert Overacker who attempted to jump over the Falls with a jetski equipped with a parachute. Although he calculated good chances for him to survive he died on the trip. The chute didn't open...

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